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QR Blvd.

Welcome! QR Blvd. was created by iBi Marketing Solutions, LLC to provide local businesses with a dynamic and inexpensive way to advertise to both the local community and those visiting the area. Nowadays everything seems to be digital and everyone wants it instantly. QR Blvd. is a web platform (and soon to be app) hosting exclusive sales and promotions, local business information, upcoming events, and more! With QR Blvd. being digital and mobile friendly, the community can easily and instantly save business information or sales to their phones, and quickly access your business's website or social pages.


We are the community's go-to source of local information! Start browsing the site with the links below!

Mississippi      Alabama      Florida

If you would like to advertise on QR Blvd. please email or call 1-888-QR-BLVD (1-888-877-2583), or visit QR Blvd.'s contact page with this link: Contact QR Blvd.

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