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Barricade Signs

Curious yet?? Wondering what these will turn into??

In 2017, the City of Mobile and iBi Marketing Solutions partnered on an initiative set forth to provide local businesses with an innovative and effective way to advertise, to create a safer environment for the community and engage with our community through #selfies. 

We are currently in our testing phase this weekend (February 9 - 12, 2018). And we want your feedback! Enter your information by clicking on "Enter Contest" for your chance to win FREE barricade advertisement! You can also enter by taking a selfie with the sign, tagging "iBi Marketing Solutions" in the photo with you on Facebook, and be sure to use the hashtags #ispyibi and #cityofmobile in your post. Once the City of Mobile officially approves the initiative, two signs will be made for the business of your choosing! The more participation we get, the better our chances of having this innovative advertising opportunity approved!

More information:

By purchasing a barricade sign with your business's logo, you are advertising in a whole new and effect way. Your business will be advertising to millions of tourists and locals through out the year. This innovative opportunity is long lasting. A portion of the proceeds go towards the purchase of new barricades and the city's public works needs. Your business's sponsorship goes inline with Mayor Stimpson's goal, "Making Mobile the safest city by 2020." Each sign has reflective material, providing more safety measures to our community.

How does this work? Local businesses will "purchase a barricade" as advertisement through iBi Marketing Solutions. A sign with their logo will be created and fastened to a barricade. That barricade is then donated to the city to be used during various events throughout the year (Mardi Gras, festivals, concerts, running events, sporting events and more)!

Please contact Rachel Hester (251.709.6665 or for future advertising prices.

The signs are designed to last for more than five years.

Think of the millions of people that attend events every year requiring the use barricades. Every year there are more than 1 million in attendance during Mardi Gras parades. There are numerous amounts of running events throughout the year that also bring in high volumes of spectators and participants. Over 3 million tourists come through our city every year, and the number is increasing. If you were to compare these numbers to other advertising options out there, it is the most cost effective way to advertise your business.

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