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6 Reasons Websites Are Vital For Small Businesses

6 Reasons Websites Are Vital For Small Businesses

As a small business owner you've probably asked yourself "do I really need a website if I have a Facebook page?" You've probably also told yourself you either don't have it in the marketing budget or don't have time. However, this could really be hurting your business growth and reach. Below are six reasons websites are vital for your small business.

Reason #1: Marketing Foundation & Instant Credibility

Websites are customers’ first impressions before walking foot into a store. They are the foundation to all other marketing and advertising. Business cards, trade shows, emails, and digital and print media all prompt customers to go to our website for more information. Websites inform, engage and convert your customers. Without a website, businesses take the chance of losing customers to competitors that have websites. However, if you do have a website, and it’s “home-made,” having it professionally redesigned and managed by a marketing professional, will increase your credibility with customers. Remember, it’s their first impression!

Reason #2: Business Discoverability

According to Internet Live Stats, on average Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day…that’s 40,000 search queries every second. With the right SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing, your site can become popular on search engines such as Google, setting you above your competitors. According to a consumer behavior study performed by Verisign, 9 out of 10 consumers rely on the internet to discover and evaluate local goods and services.

Reason #3: Saves You Time & Money

As a small business owner, you are probably thinking you can’t afford a website and its maintenance. That is FALSE, and sometimes a reason for procrastination. Compared to the cost and reach of print advertisements, websites rank way ahead. Small businesses can’t afford NOT to advertise. How else do businesses get customers? Now-a-days word of mouth has become digital, on social media platforms. We’ve all seen how our friends ask for recommendations on Facebook. Having a website full of information and images allows instant access for potential customers. Which ultimately saves you time on the phone, meeting face-to-face, creating brochures and writing long emails. Websites can host current promotions, saving you time and money on advertising those promotions. Basically, it’s another way of spending your advertising budget, just in a more strategic and cost effect manner.

Reason #4: Ability to Keep Customers Informed 24/7

Websites provide viewers with a vast amount of information, right at their fingertips. Especially a FAQs page, directions to your location, recommendations to viewers and testimonials from customers. This information is available to your potential and current customers whenever they are searching on the web. Why would you want to lose a customer because of a lack of information? And who wants to scroll down a business’s Facebook page to look through 100 posts to find the answer to their question? Make it easy for viewers, so they will keep coming back as brand loyal customers.

Reason #5: Online Store Capability

Websites provide business owners working from home, with a store front…their website! You can provide your service or product to anyone, from anywhere! The possibilities really are endless.

Reason #6: Business Analytic Reporting

Unless you were to ask each person that comes through your store how they heard about your business, you’ll be left in the dark wondering which marketing tool works best for bringing in customers. By having a professional website, that you advertise on each of your marketing mediums (social media posts, print media, radio ads, sponsorships, etc.), you can utilize its analytic reports and know your marketing ROI. These reports will show you:

  • Audience by source/medium (direct, organic, Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

  • Audience by demographics

  • Audience by new and returning users

  • Audience by technology (mobile and desktop)

  • Most popular pages among viewers

  • Users by time of day

  • And so much more!

So what are you waiting on? Contact me today to get your small business website up and running!


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