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The Power of Video Marketing

When it comes to capturing an audience’s attention, it’s no secret that visual media is best. For this reason, video is a powerful marketing tool. Apps and tools such as YouTube, Tik Tok, and Facebook Video are some of the most popular social media sites, and they all host videos. If you are a business owner, videos should be integrated into your marketing efforts. Here are a few of the benefits of video marketing.  

The demand for video is worldwide, and on top of that, it’s growing. Limelight reports users spend almost 7 hours a week watching online videos. People are craving visual content on their favorite social sites. Not only are entertaining videos from popular creators desirable, but informational content from businesses as well. According to HubSpot, over 50% of people want more video content from businesses and brands they like. 

Video marketing can and should be incorporated into any kind of business, large or small, in any field. The benefits of video content are well worth the effort that goes into them. Audiences enjoy seeing videos on social media and want to see more of them from their favorite brands. This means social media engagement is typically higher on posts with videos than other forms of content. Videos are great at building brand awareness and increasing sales. In addition, they maintain customer relationships by keeping audiences informed and up-to-date on the business. 

When it comes to ROI, implementing video into your marketing plans is a no-brainer. HubSpot reports of 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. Videos are proven to garner an increase in leads. Additionally, they are known to increase email open rates, boost click-through rates for landing pages, and decrease jump rates. This also leads to a boost in sales. According to a study by Wyzowl, nearly eight out of every ten users have purchased a piece of software or app after watching the brand’s video. Videos are an essential piece of the buyer’s journey. Users regularly go to videos when they are interested in learning more about a brand or product. This, in turn, leads to both new customers and an increase in sales from returning users.

You don’t need a background in cinema or videography to create videos for your business's digital channels. The idea that videos are difficult to make and costly to produce is rarely true. Most of us already have the tools to create videos and easy access to a hosting site. Short videos made for social media or websites can be done simply with a camera and clip-on microphone, or even a cellphone. You don’t need a large scale production to create a video for your business. In fact, consumers appreciate the effort and authenticity of home-made videos. 

In this digital day and age, we are visual-minded people. Observable content is so popular because it draws us in more than just textual content. As time goes on, our attention span grows shorter and shorter, so quickly capturing an audience's minds is key to content marketing. The benefits of videos are astounding. Implementing videos into your business's marketing plan is a must for increasing engagement, leads, sales, and more. If you want to begin using video marketing but don't know where to start, set up a free consultation with us!


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