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5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media marketing has become one of the most prominent and effective forms of advertising in the past few years. Most businesses use social media channels as one of or their primary source of communicating with clients. However, there is more to social media than just setting up a profile and simply posting content. There are certain do’s and don’ts of social media you may not be aware of that can be causing your social media presence not to reach its full potential. We’ve highlighted five mistakes to avoid making while marketing your business on social media.

Not tracking analytics

By not tracking your accounts’ analytics, you cannot tell what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to your content. Analytics give insight into the engagement of your posts, the demographics of your audience, the traffic on your page, and much more. This information lets you know what content your audience wants and likes to see from you. Without checking analytics, you’re unable to track your page’s progress and could constantly be posting without making any impressions on your followers.

Being too salesy

The purpose of having a business social media is to promote your brand, but try to avoid only posting promotional content. Your followers want to keep up with your business and engage with you. If you solely post content advertising your business or trying to sell products, you are going to lose your audience’s interest, and eventually, their follow. Promotion on social media needs to be subtle and solicit engagement from your followers to let them know you are listening to them.

Not diversifying content

On top of not posting only promotional material, it’s essential to diversify the type of content you are sharing to keep your audience engaged. Regularly posting the same content over and over again could cause you to lose followers. Try to expand your types of content by alternating between different kinds of posts such as pictures, graphics, videos, articles, etc. This will keep your clients interested in your social media and could lead to more engagement from them.

Not engaging with followers

Although content is key when it comes to social media, creating engaging posts and interacting with your audience is just as important. Only posting content and calling it a day is not enough when it comes to your business’s social media. Your social media channels are the easiest and most efficient way for your followers to interact with you and vice versa. Let your audience know that you are paying attention to them and listening to their feedback by engaging with them. By acknowledging their comments, likes, page shares, messages, and reviews, you create trust and a positive relationship with them.

Posting for the sake of posting

By following all of the tips mentioned above, you should know what type of content your audience wants to see. With this knowledge, you should be able to create content that is tailored to them rather than just posting for the sake of it. Of course, the more you post, the more likely you are to increase engagement, followers, sales, etc. However, posting content just to put something out there isn’t helpful to your or followers. Posting irrelevant content will lead to a loss of followers. Be sure to create content that is related to your business and audience.

Running your business’s social media can be trickier than it seems. We hope these tips on mistakes to avoid on social media give you an insight of how to better run your accounts and maintain followers. If you still need help with your social media presence or want to learn more, visit our website to set up a free consultation with us!

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