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The Importance of Having an Online Inventory

According to BigCommerce, the eCommerce industry is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses still don’t have a website. Are you one of those businesses?

Online shopping has become increasingly favorable and is now preferred by many over in-store shopping. Now, more than ever, online shopping is the ideal route for businesses and their clientele. Having an online store allows customers to continue supporting your business while they’re at home or anywhere else in the world. The convenience of online shopping can benefit both businesses and their clients as well as increase sales and potentially reach a new audience. There are so many advantages to having an online store. We’ve put together just a few reasons why your business should consider adding your inventory to your website.

The easy accessibility of an online store is the most substantial reason why online shopping is so popular. It can help save time for both you and your customers. The top reason people give for shopping online is because they’re able to shop at all hours of the day, and by taking out the restrictions of travel, store hours, and lines, people can make purchases at their leisure. This in turn, saves you the time it would take to make this sale in-store.

Online shopping takes away the disadvantage of only selling to those within your store’s area. Making a purchase from your business becomes borderless when it comes to having an online store. Selling online not only increases your sales, but it also is not dependent on those who physically come into your business unlike traditional in-store sales. Your business is able to sell its products to anyone at any time of the day or night.

Adding inventory to your website allows you to sell to anyone in the world which means your reach is increasing. New clients are discovering your business that otherwise might not have. This can lead to a direct increase in website clicks, social media followers, and most importantly sales.

Having your products online allows you to have a written description of each item that allows customers to learn about the product without physically seeing it. This helps tremendously with product research and comparison. Over 80% of shoppers research their product online before purchasing. Even if those who research and view your product on your website don’t order from your website, knowing more about a product is likely to lead them to purchase it in-store.

There’s no denying the remarkable convenience of online shopping. With the click of a button, people have the ability to easily order a product from any of their favorite brands, even if they aren’t in their area. While it is convenient for shoppers, it is also ideal for businesses looking to increase their reach and sales. If you think having an online store is right for your business or have more questions about the benefits of adding your inventory to your website, contact us with our “book online” tab!

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