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Tips for Efficiently Working From Home

Recent events have brought on a new change for many working people: working from home. For some, this shift to remote work as a long-term adaptation has proven to be successful for getting work done. However, this unusual challenge has proven to be a difficult transition for many who are used to going into work everyday. Home life and work life can be fused together, and finding a way to balance the two can be tricky, but it’s possible. We understand time is the most crucial element to productivity and don’t want your personal time to be taken over by work. We have put together four tips on how to stay ahead of the game with your marketing while working from home.

Social media calendar ​

Investing the time into creating a social media calendar is a great way to stay ahead of work and alleviate the worry of having to write and post content on the spot. A social media calendar allows you to create posts for your social media platforms on a scheduled basis rather than daily. By being able to plan posts through a calendar, you can visually see how your posts appear to your followers and make sure they look how you want. Arranging and writing your content in a formulated way can also help to keep your social media posts more organized and consistent.

Pre-plan and Schedule Posts​

Planning is a crucial piece in every job’s task list. Writing out your social media posts in advance can save you time in the future and lets you stay on top of your work. By pre-planning content, you can relieve the stress of having to devise and schedule a new post on a regular basis. Try to create and schedule digital content days or weeks ahead of time. This time-saving task is key to effectively marketing any business, no matter the circumstances.

Eliminate Unnecessary Work​

Don’t make working from home more difficult than it needs to be. Wasting time on unnecessary tasks takes away from your day and gives you more work long-term. We suggest sticking to time-crucial and meaningful work while at home and avoiding repetitive work. Find efficient ways to complete work to eliminate unnecessary misuses of time and energy.

Ask for Help​

The best advice we can give to you during this time is “don’t be afraid to ask for help.” Making the change from working in the office to working from home can be an unusual transition, and finding the motivation to be productive is hard when there are so many distractions at home. Make sure you’re not overworking yourself and are still leaving time to enjoy the things you love. If you’re having trouble keeping with all your work and marketing your business, iBi Marketing Solutions is here to help. We want you to keep your home life and work life separate, which is why we provide innovative ideas and plans which leave you more time to yourself and less time worrying about your business.

Visit the link below to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you and your business.

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