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Maintaining Customer Relationships While Social Distancing

Social distancing has caused a hindrance with maintaining relationships with customers. Clients are not able to visit stores or offices on a regular basis like before, and there is no or little face-to-face contact between them and the businesses they patron. Although these restraints are not ideal, it is still possible for businesses to keep in contact with customers and preserve a relationship with them. Through digital platforms like social media, websites, and email, communication with clientele can continue. Here are a few ways your business can utilize these resources to make the most out of social distancing.

If you have an online store, let people know they can still order your products. Being stuck at home has many people in an online shopping frenzy. Being able to purchase new items is a sensation people miss, and they are making up for this by ordering things online. Take this opportunity to show people what you have available on your online store and highlight some of your best sellers. This will help you maintain business and let your customers continue to support you.

During this time, social media is likely your only form of communication with your client base. For this reason, it’s more important now than ever that you communicate with them through your social media accounts. Be sure to keep them up-to-date on your business’s policies or any changes that have been made during this time. Let them know how you are handling the current situation and that you are still working towards meeting their needs as clients. Your customers miss seeing you and your store in person, which is why video is so important at this time. Videos, whether they are live or recorded, resonate with customers and followers. People love to see people, especially when it’s the owner whom they’ve built a relationship with previously.

If you have an email list of customers or send out digital newsletters, be sure to keep use of these resources to keep your clients in the loop of changes within your business. Some customers may not follow your business of social media, and this could be the only form of communication they have with you. Let them know how your business is handling the current situation and communicate with them regularly about any new developments your business implements. You could also use this as a way to direct customers to your online store if you have one (or just launched one), and encourage them to continue purchasing from you.

The most important thing to do during this time is to let your customers know that you are still there for them. Although they may not be able to physically come into your store or office, make it clear to them that your business remains loyal to them. Continue to regularly create content and update your website so your clients are reminded of your business. Post engaging content allowing your followers to interact with you and make sure to answer any questions and comments they may post online. By interacting with your followers on social media, you are letting them know they are still being heard and that your business remains devoted and grateful to its customers.

If you’re struggling to maintain a relationship with your customers during this time, iBi Marketing Solutions can help. Through our strategic planning and extensive knowledge of digital media, we can create a plan which will increase your client base and build a favorable relationship between them and your business. Click here to set up a free consultation with us and learn more about services!

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