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7 Strategies to Increase Organic Reach on Social Media

Lately, we have all noticed a decline in our Facebook business page’s organic reach. Which also affects the amount of potential “likes” we will receive. Mark Zuckerberg announced, in January, his goal for 2018 was to make Facebook focused back on seeing your friends’ posts versus a business’s posts. Stating, he thinks this is what the large majority wants to see. The more comments and interaction your business posts have, the higher the organic reach will go, because Facebook sees this as “friends engaging with friends.”

Because Facebook’s algorithm has changed like is has, most businesses are starting to pay more to increase their traffic and reach. This is definitely one way to overcome the drop in reach, but for businesses that cannot afford to pay each month, or would rather spend their marketing money elsewhere, we have developed seven ways to increase your organic reach, plus two bonuses! We hope these help you and your business! If you would like personal recommendations, please email I would be happy to personalize these tips for your business and give you examples to follow. This is a service we offer called Marketing Plans.

1 – Go Live! Videos on average get 6x as many interactions as regular videos. When your business page goes live, notifications are sent out. So all those viewers that miss your posts, well they will not miss this one! It also helps to give your viewers insight into who the brand really is behind all the copy and text. Think about it this way, would you rather purchase from a friend or a complete stranger? Exactly, most people want to build a relationship with their brand, and this is exactly what social media allows us to do.

2 – Get Personal! Share your customers’ happy moments, offer to take pictures of your happy guests/customers, and share them on your page. When you tag them, their friends see, so instantly reach increases.

3 – Get into Conversations! Share your idea about a change in your menu or an idea to carry a new brand. Ask for your viewers’ opinion! This tip can help with increasing comments.

4 – Be Kind! Share a recipe from your menu, share a style tip or just share a helpful tip that pertains to your industry. Basically share free insight/knowledge. This builds trust, and it lets your viewers know you want to help them (without a cost attached).

5 – Entertain! Cross promote events with other businesses. Share an event coming up, and ask that business page to share yours too in the future. This way it encourages the other business’s brand loyal customers to also trust you. And your brand loyal customers to also trust the other business. Outcome? Your page starts reaching a new audience.

6 – Educate! Sometimes what we do or sell, can be confusing. Take the time to share a video explaining it, or explaining an upcoming change. You can combine this one with #1 and #4 for maximum results.

7 – Create a Group! The awesome part about Facebook Groups, they allow the viewers to receive notifications when a new post is created. Groups creates a “like minded” community, which builds your online presence, trust and brand loyalty.


BONUS 1: Create Share-to-Win posts. Just be sure you are not asking too much from the viewer. If you do ask too much, the likelihood of them participating goes down. So keep is simple, and make sure your giveaway is something special.

BONUS 2: Have you ever noticed, when “liking a page,” you can select “See First?” This allows viewers to see your page’s posts first on their newsfeeds. Test it out by creating a post letting your viewers know they can add this to their newsfeeds. If you provide quality information, pictures, etc. in your posts, viewers are more likely to see value in this feature.


** Remember: you are going to see a change in your posts’ reach. Some are going to be killer and some will be weak. Testing out new ideas and measuring them, will really help with adjusting to Facebook’s algorithm changes. “Asking” for comments does not mean you will get them. You have to give viewers a reason to comment. Be engaging, as if you are talking to your friends out there. **


Rachel Hester, Owner & Marketing Strategist

iBi Marketing Solutions

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