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How to Get in Touch with Your Creative Side

(Written for Minted by EMD)

Below I have put together a list on ways get inspired and get in touch with your creative side. I hope you like them! If there is another way you enjoy getting inspired, share it with me! I always love hearing inspiring stories.

1 – Do something different.

Break up your routine! Try attending a new event, volunteer, discover a new restaurant or take the kids to the park. As adults, we all know our days are led by routines. By making one small change each day, we are allowing ourselves to find new ways to express ourselves. Finding a good balance is key.

2 – Enjoy the fresh air.

Taking a walk, hike or bike ride around town can be just what we need. Breaks throughout the day are healthy. They literally refresh us when we walk outside. Taking in God’s creation outdoors can be just the inspiration we need.

3 – Spend time listening to children.

Too often work and stressful situations take over our everyday thoughts. But what if we took time to observe children and listen to their stories? It is amazing how creative children really are when we stop to listen. By prompting them with questions, they begin to share their creative thoughts, which can help us realize we too need to be in touch with the child inside of us. It may be the perfect way to destress and reenergize our thoughts!

4 – Read or browse magazines.

Whether you view them online, or go to your local book store, browsing through images and visuals can instantly spark some new ideas. It allows us to take what we already know, and add to it through what someone else already knows. Almost like working with a team!

5 – Expose yourself to art.

Art in itself can be very abstract. It influences and leads us in a direction of becoming more creative, as it gets us in touch with our feelings, emotions, expressions, thoughts, worries, joys, happiness, etc. After all, is this not what creativity is all about, expressing ourselves?

6 – Shop vintage.

There is nothing better than going back in time to see the fashions, trends, designs, etc. that were popular. It can be quite inspiring to notice little details from decades ago. I love taking past styles and turning them into something modern. It is like I have a little piece of history in my home telling a story to all who enter.

7 – Day dream.

Take a day to lay in bed all morning to day dream. If your schedule does not allow it, try scheduling a lunch break to do nothing but this! Be sure to write or draw your ideas out on paper. You may not act on them now, but down the road you may come across them and think “now is the perfect opportunity to turn my dreams into reality.”

8 – Go for an adventure.

Maybe it is just taking a drive somewhere you have never been before. Or maybe it is walking through a path that allows your imagination to run wild like a fairytale. Taking the time to experience something new is refreshing and awakens the child inside of us.

9 – Meet with a local expert.

Sometimes all we need is a little brainstorming session! I am happy to meet with anyone needing inspiration and guidance. From creating holiday and milestone clothing for children, to creating holiday wall frames, giving a room its own personal style; I work one-on-one with each client to bring their ideas to life!

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