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Discover Your Twenty-Eighteen Style

(Written for Minted by EMD)

A new year, means a new you! It is time to reinvent yourself! During the end of every year we dream, make goals, and make plans for what we want to achieve and how we want to better ourselves. Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a specific style? Maybe it is a fashion wardrobe style or maybe it is a home décor style. Dreaming and getting inspired makes shopping this time of year, so much fun! Do you know your personal style? Below we categorized several popular style categories to inspire you. Some of you may have many and some of you may have just one. Either way, we encourage you to enjoy the inspiration that comes this time of year.

Shabby Chic –

There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular and most appealing styles. When done right, you get a nice blend of feeling relaxed and looking pulled together. With this style, there is a lot of white, distressed white, antique rose, lavender, gray, butter and pale blue. There is always an underlying neutral color palate. It is the perfect mix of new and antique/vintage.

Farmhouse, Rustic –

Even more popular than Shabby Chic is everyone’s new found style, farmhouse, thanks to popular shows on HGTV (Fixer Upper). This style evokes feelings of warmth and comfort as it merges traditional with reclaimed pieces. The biggest difference is just that, it pulls from reclaimed pieces inspired by the outdoors. A great example of this in your clothing style, that bleeds over into your home décor is plaid. Plaid is both traditional and outdoorsy.

Minimalistic, Industrial –

This next style is all about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve raw, edgy style. Structural elements are turned into statement pieces, achieving a look that seems unfinished, yet cohesive and chic. The industrial minimalist creates drama in their style through mixing contrasting high-gloss finishes with a rustic/vintage worn feel. Form and function are both equally important considerations for their style.

Bohemian Chic –

The Bohemian Chic style embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual with its full of life, culture, and interesting design for all the world to see. This style is all about design features like tassels. There are no rules when it comes to a bohemian style. However, rarely will you see much white. Brown, terra cotta, gold, and jewel tones like saturated purple, fiery orange and electric blue are all quite often the main colors you will see with this style. Mixed matched patterns are a staple for this individual.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself this year! Twenty-eighteen should be all about your personal style(s). And whichever your style, let us help you express it, with personalized home décor and clothing. We can take your design ideas, or create ideas specific to your dreams and inspirations, to give you the look you have always wanted.

So who is ready to start twenty-eighteen with confidence? Email us at to get started today!

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