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Mason Jar Ideas for the Everyday Gal

Mason jars have become my favorite crafting piece for many reasons! Mostly because they are so versatile. A mason jar can be used in every room of the house, inside every office space at work, inside every classroom at school and inside every vehicle on the road.

Mason jars really are perfect for the everyday gal! They are great to give as gifts, amazing accents pieces for your home or office, helpful while trying to stay organized, and a lot of fun during the holiday seasons! Not to mention it is a fun way to get in touch with your creative side and stay original.

The list below provides 50 mason jar ideas that are both creative and practical! The ideas are meant for all ages and genders to enjoy.

  1. Paint & distress and/or add faux flowers for a rustic look

  2. Wall décor

  3. Welcome sign decor

  4. Center pieces (home or wedding receptions)

  5. Chandelier

  6. Lanterns

  7. Lamp

  8. Candle

  9. Scented jar

  10. Bathroom storage (q-tips, cotton balls, toothbrushes, soap dispenser, etc.)

  11. Doggie treats

  12. Bird feeder

  13. Makeup holder

  14. Match dispenser

  15. Plant holder

  16. Change collector

  17. Photograph frame (glue a photo on the inside)

  18. Mommy survival kit

  19. Bridal survival kit

  20. Housewarming gift

  21. Mini bar in a jar

  22. Super sewing kit

  23. DIY bath fizzies

  24. Pampering in a jar

  25. Fall décor with faux leaves, burlap and bows

  26. Holiday luminaria

  27. Christmas snow globe

  28. Christmas in a jar (candy, hot co-co, etc)

  29. Santa in a jar

  30. Recipe in a jar

  31. Energy in a jar

  32. Smoothie in a jar

  33. Salad in a jar

  34. Pie dishes

  35. Meal prep

  36. Serving dishes or glass for drinking

  37. Cooking supplies in a jar (flour, sugar, backing soda, salt, etc.)

  38. Display kitchen utensils

  39. Condiment containers with pumps

  40. Mounted beer bottle opener with mason jar catcher

  41. Game day party utensil holders

  42. Teachers gift in a jar

  43. School supplies in a jar (pencils, markers, erasers, crayons, etc.)

  44. Playdoh in a jar

  45. Candy in a jar

  46. Fairy lights in a jar

  47. Glitter décor for girl’s birthday party

  48. Super hero décor for boy’s birthday party

  49. Box top collector

  50. Tissue holder

If you would like help with how to create any of the ideas above, or any of your own ideas, contact me! My email is

Just remember to have a little fun with it!

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